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Q: How do I bond someone out of jail?
A: There are 2 methods used in posting a bond:

Cash bond: The total amount of the bond, in cash or cashiers check, is placed with County to guarantee the arrestee will appear in court for their hearing. Should the arrestee fail to appear, the money will be forfeited. Should a not guilty verdict be rendered or the case be dismissed, or at the conclusion of trial proceedings, bond money will be refunded. If a judge so orders, any court costs or court fines will be taken out of the posted bond. Once the case is disposed of, the remaining funds will be refunded. Refunds for cash bonds will be done at the County Clerk of Courts Office in the County Court House. NOTE: Cash or a cashiers check are the only accepted methods of payment for cash bonds.

Surety bond: (bail Bondsman) An Jail state bail bonding agent posts' a bond with the jail that guarantees an arrestee will appear at their court date. Neither County nor the Sheriffs Office participates in the contract between an arrestee and the bonding company. The bonding company charges a fee for each bond posted of 10%.

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We'll Help You Through The Bail Release Process.

Typically, after the accused is booked at the jail or a judge has set bail, we can begin the release process. This is how it works.

  • You call our telephone 800-224-5937.
  • Our office will take your information over the phone and within minutes get your bond approved.
  • You give us a major credit card securing the 10% premium payment.
  • Our bail agent goes to the jail and pays 100% of the bond and your loved is released within a short while later.
  • Bond Types: We can post all types of bonds I.E. State, Federal, Immigration bonds, traffic DUI, criminal Felony, Domestic Violence, Drug Possession, ETC.

We offer flexible payment  plans and a variety of payment options, call us today for more information.

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Orlando Jail Information
3855 South John Young Parkway, Orlando, FL 32839-8652
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Orlando Jail and Sheriff's Inmate InformationIt usually takes us less than 30 minutes to have your bond posted with the jail. Then typically it may take from 1-3 hours for the defendant to be released. Keep in mind that that on holidays and weekend's or at larger county jails it may take a bit longer for the person to be released.

We always have agents at the jail and/or on call that can immediately spring into action and get your loved released in no time. There is no one faster than us.

Orlando Jail Bail Bond Agency Serving All Orlando, Fl Jails 24/7.

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Collateral is something of value that is given or pledged as security for the bond. The most common is a home  or piece of land. In most cases


Orange County Jail Inmate Search

Orange County Booking and Release Center. Address and Telephone #.
3855 South John Young Parkway, Orlando, Florida 32839
(407) 836-3400

Orange County Florida Jail Inmate Search.
Main Detention Orange County Jail


Florida Immigration Bonds

About Florida ICE Immigration bonds. INS bonds are not that different from a standard bail bond, but then again there is a huge difference. An immigration bond not only guarantees the appearance of a detainee but also his or her performance. What is mean by "Performance" on INS bonds is primarily one thing, that the detainee will not become a ward of the state.

  • Orlando Police Department Headquarters
    100 South Hughey Avenue
    Orlando, Florida 32801-2501
    (407) 246-2470

  • Southeast Community Police Office (SECPO)
    6207 Pershing Ave
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  • Northwest Orlando Police Department
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  • Lake Nona Community Police Sheriff's Office
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